Use Visual Scripting

Can i use visual scripting in Amazon Lumberyard?

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Yes, of Course , This is My Portfolio and I did it without typing codes and only with visual scripting, The language name is Script Canvas visual scripting (node base or prographing ) :point_down:


Yes it is called Script Canvas, it is somewhere between Blueprints from unreal, and bolt from Unity. It does not have every functionality as Blueprints, but it has enough to do basically everything not engine code changing if that makes sense to you.

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@lucazani My tutorials on Script Canvas visual scripting are in Kurdish and Persian and Without the words , some are easy but some may be difficult, depending on your skills and familiarity with the concepts of graph execution :slightly_smiling_face:

I hope it is useful


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But i need code to create games?

Tank you very very much

No problem, I can tell you it does have plenty to make games with. But you will need to take a lot of time learning what, and how every node works. It is basically the same as learning any normal scripting just in a more node filled way.