Use Visual Studio as Lua Editor for Lumberyard?

The current Lua Editor for Lumberyard is usable, but not best for use, I find that Notepad++ is better than Lumberyard’s Lua Editor (Of course, Notepad++ has been developing for years), there are some little problems with current Ly’s Lua Editor (Ly 1.13 beta):

-The auto-completion always complete with lower case, even its suggestion is upper case, and remember that Lua is case sensitive.

-Doesn’t support “Alt+Drag LMB” for Column Mode Select. It’s a fantastic trick that very useful while coding (Both Visual Studio & Notepad++ support this).

-Find & Replace function is awkward: Replace all won’t tell how many item it replaced, Find All won’t tell that there is no match, the Find Next button is so black, when I press Ctrl+H it won’t appear the Replace dialog (I know that Find & Replace dialog is one, but the Ctrl+H is in Windows’ users’ blood).

-Visual Studio is super good when it supports: Mark the edited code with color (yellow, orange & green), Navigate backward & forward, drop down list of undo & redo, go to defintion. Visual Studio is the best for now.

I wonder if Lumberyard can replace Lua Editor with Visual Studio Lua? (I’m not complaining that Lua Editor is bad, I just want to open suggestion)