User unfriendly and absurd discussion board

As I write this, I can’t help but think that this forum is designed to scare or annoy people.

Why would anyone want to make a forum like this, where you apparently have to use a button on the upper right side next to the search field, to create a so called “discussion”, without any clue as to where this “discussion” will end up? I thought this forum had forum categories, it certainly did look like it, why is there no “create forum thread” inside each forum category?

And am I supposed to only use the tags that are already available? Why doesn’t the website say so? This is absurd and annoying. Can I even create a new ‘tag’? Apparently any attempt to create a tag that doesn’t already exist is immediately auto removed when focusing back in this text area here.

I seriously doubt that this forum even has a little traffic, and I can’t help but wonder if maybe this discussion forum here is simply designed to become unpopular.

Why is there no forum engine with a layout similar to discussion forums found elsewhere on the internet? Such a forum would show ‘forum sections’ and ‘forum threads’ and allowing a user to create a discussion thread inside a forum category.

Also, this forum feels really slow to browse for me.

Another annoyance that I have to find a solution to, is that, even though I explicitly chose to stay logged in, I am forced to re-enter my long Amazon password for viewing the forum as hours go by. I don’t want to have to type in a long Amazon password multiple times a day for using the forums.

I have looked for a way to stay logged in, but there is no preference setting that I can find that control this.

If you need quicker responses You can ask someone on the lumberyard discord. I’m always on there and can help you or some one else can. Link is here.

Another terrible thing. A “Reply” button is seen at the bottom just 4cm below this input field, and I accidentally pressed it, and my entire text vanished. Tip: Color the “Submit” and “cancel” button red to attract more attention, if layout for this discussion forum isn’t going to get a new layout.

I shouldn’t have to see this other reply button when I am writing a reply in the first place. I should instead have to press “cancel” and go back.

Only now, after posting my discussion, do I see where my discussion ended up. There is no indication at all, when typing the text for posting a new discussion, where the discussion will end up. The tag system had me wondering if maybe the tags would sort the discussion automatically, though this is not the case, but that is what I thought anyway and it was bewildering.

I don’t know what the people running this forum was thinking, but in case you simply thought that making things look like it does, would make it more serious and mature, in that case I think you were wrong. Discussion forums surely ought to be easy to read, navigate and use, something that this forum doesn’t seem to be.

It apparently takes me a whole 9 seconds to load a forum discussion thread. Why does it take so long? I hope this is not an intended delay, to make things seem more ‘serious’, because that isn’t the impression I have.