Using the Level Loading Screen Config

I am aware of the data given here and here on creating a loading screen between levels. I have a level.cfg file at /Levels/, and the UInamed “finalLevelLoadingUI.uicanvas” at the same level. The level.cfg file contains this one line:

level_load_screen_uicanvas_path = "finalLevelLoadingUI.uicanvas"

However, when I launch the level (from another level), all I get is a black screen (the UI is blue, with loading text) before going to the actual level. I have tried other CVars (i.e. e_Sun), and those have propagated fine. I have also verified that AZ_LOADSCREENCOMPONENT_ENABLED is 1 in code.

What am I doing wrong?

Hi @Roosevelt.Boyland,

The level_load_screen_uicanvas_path is relative to your root directory. Try this path instead (substituting for the correct path names):

level_load_screen_uicanvas_path = "Levels/<levelname>/finalLevelLoadingUI.uicanvas"

Update: accidentally had in the CFG path. This isn’t needed since the path itself is relative to the game project root directory.

Thank you @chase!

Follow-up question: is it possible to get the text changed on the documentation page for this content? Specifically this area (I don’t want anyone else misinformed); I have already submitted feedback for this as well:

level_load_screen_uicanvas_path – File path to the .uicanvas level load screen file relative to your level path.
For example, if your level load canvas is at \dev\StarterGame\Levels\StarterGame\UiAnimMultiSequence.uicanvas (root of the level directory— same as level.cfg), you would type UiAnimMultiSequence.uicanvas for this parameter.<br>

Hi @Roosevelt.Boyland - thank you for catching that. I’ll look into correcting that!