Using the Lumberyard Profiler, and Cutting Down on Deallocations

I have been fiddling around with the Lumberyard Profiler, and (after quite a few crashes), was able to retrieve some output from it by running the profile build of the game outside of the editor. Unfortunately, I am missing data on CPU and Memory usage for my game (I have some data on Logging and VRAM).

  • How do I go about collecting data on CPU and Memory usage? I have confirmed that those two boxes are checked before I run the profiler.

  • Also, is there a way to increase the usage scale? My VRAM usage barely dips as the game is doing moderately intensive stuff.
    Also, the profiler document mentions keeping deallocation events low (giving a negative ConstantBuffer as an example), but doesn’t go into detail about how this buffer is allocated/deallocated.

  • How are ConstantBuffers allocated/deallocated? What are the possible causes of these showing up in the profiler? There’s a good ~800 of these in my 788 frame snapshot, so there must be something wrong in how I am scripting.

Has the problem been solutied?