Using WAF to automate the release build process


I’m trying to use Waf to automate the release build process. By that I mean to do all (well actually, only most of) the steps listed in this document:

The problem here is that I need to execute lmbr_waf commands as sub-steps in the build process. If I modify the existing files, I can’t recurse back into the main wscript and execute various build steps when I need to. If I try to run waf from another entry point, that creates all kinds of problems. In absolutely ANY case, I really don’t understand how to manage all the cascading dependencies without doing this in a way waf expects… and I don’t know how waf expects this to be handled.

Is this crazy? Do I just not understand the build system? Should I abandon this and wrap the whole thing in ANOTHER build system? I’d appreciate any insight as quickly as possible. Doesn’t have to be detailed, I just need some idea of where to go on this. Thanks.

I wound up using a python script. It’s much simpler.