v1.1.0.0 AWSPythonSDK does not exist, how to fix?

Hi, I have installed Lumberyard an am unable to configure Cloud Canvas due to the following error:

[Error] (Cloud Canvas) Disabled because C:/Amazon/Lumberyard/ does not exist

Per the Launcher, and the dev/code/SDKs directory, it seems that Python 2.7.10 and 2.7.8 are installed.

Please advise on what steps I might take to correct the issue.

Hi @TwistedVision! We sincerely apologize about this, but which checkboxes do you have checked on the “Get Started” pane? I suspect you discovered a bug in 1.1 that we hope to fix in the next release.

Hi @CC_James, thanks for your response. I have three boxes checked: Run your game project, Run the Lumberyard Editor and tools, and lastly, Compile the game code.

Hi @TwistedVision. Can you try re-running LumberyardLauncher and checking the “Compile the Lumberyard Editor & Tools” box? You should see a “AWSPythonSDK” directory/symlink appear in Code/SDKs after successfully doing so.