Vector 3 Transform Rotate by Euler Angles appears to be bugged


I have been rotating my player entity by euler angles for world rotation. It works fine at first, but then after a while the player entity will no longer rotate, it hangs up. Forward and backward movement are unaffected, it’s just the rotation. I thought perhaps I was doing something wrong, so I checked the SamplesProject script canvas sample tank. I hit Ctrl+G and began rotating the tank, the exact same thing happens to the samples project tank as does my character, after about 2-3 minutes of constant rotation, the tank begins to hang up while rotating and then stops rotating completely.

There is either a bug in the engine when rotating by euler angles, or there is a better way of doing it than as shown in the samplesproject tank script canvas sample.

This issue also existed in v1.13

Any suggestions?

I encountered this issue in my project, but I did not test for the sample tank project,

I guess this will cause the transfer in EBus Data, Lua ,C++.

I’m going to test this issue for the sample tank project.

I use Lumberyard 1.14 :slight_smile: