Vegetation not loading correctly (SpeedTree)

So, I added a new tree that I created using a template, exported it to lumberyard, asset processor had no problems, but now no tree will load at all, and the object simply doesn’t load. This is what the screen looks like:




Is it possible that you moved the location of your trees on your hard drive? To confirm, I would look at the path to the tree object. This path is located near the bottom of the parameters for the tree.

Highlighted in orange here:



Was the asset processor still running or did it finish compiling the assets when this happened? I have seen on occasion newly created assets not render in the engine when these assets have been added to a project while the editor is running. I am glad its resolved for you now!

Interestingly, when I loaded up the engine again, everything was fine, and also, when I did a direct replacement, I have just changed the path that you’ve shown in the image, and it seems fine. But I think there is a bug, because after replacing, if you fly close to the trees, they go invisible, but when you either close the engine, or open a level and return to the other one, they remain, no matter how close you are. So I suppose it’s been solved then? But perhaps, I’ve just found a bug?

No, it loaded everything fully.