Vegetation - Use On Terrain Layer

I’m having an issue. I’m using the vegetation layer painter to paint a few trees here and there. Then, I’m using the “Use on Terrain Layer” feature to have grass dynamically appear on where I painted the grass terrain layer.

It works just fine in the editor. However, when I just start the game without the editor, it throws up trees everywhere along with the grass when I do not have “Use Terrain Layer” checked at all for any trees.

This is how it appears in the editor

This is how it appears in the game

I opted to instead use the new dynamic vegetation system for the grass and use the old style vegetation painter for static trees. This is better because the dynamic vegetation is occluded from growing where the the trees are. However, I made another post displaying an issue with that in that the occlusion patches look very unnatural.

But this remains an issue at any rate.