Vehicle not working properly

When I import the speedboat into the ocean into a new level it doesn’t float properly, it jitters and sometimes floats into the sky. I didn’t change any properties on it. Why does the boat work in the woodland level and not in one I create?

Did you get a chance to try it out yet?

The mass on the boat right now is 3000, it can’t be changed in the same way as rigid bodies. It works in one level in a body of water but not in another in the ocean.

Edit: It works in a water body that I created but not in the ocean. Any ideas anyone?

I’ll download the package and get the boat and look at it.

Hmm, that’s interesting. Before I did that, my boat would just sink on a new level that I made, and after it floats correctly. I’m not sure because I definitely saw your error, but then I got mine working, so I don’t know. Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful.

Look into the values of mass and density. If the mass is too light it could float away.1711-capture.png

The problem is caused by incorrect surface types I think. If you load up the legacy level and raise the ocean up, it does float properly in the ocean on that level. If you make a new level, it will not float properly in the ocean.

To fix it, copy the two files in dev/SamplesProject/libs/materialeffects folder to the dev/GameSDK/libs/MaterialEffects folder and overwrite those two files there.

That fixed it for me.

My boats right now in a new level roll and jitter and sometimes fly off into space, it’s really odd

I copied materialeffects.xml and surfacetypes.xml from SamplesProject to GameSDK and restarted LY but nothing changed.