[Video And writen Tutorial] NVIDIA Cloth - 3ds max

Hi there

Simple tut for the new NVIDIA Cloth.

Software used:
Lumberyard 1.23
3Ds Max.

Lumberyard Setup to Compile the game and Compile the engine and asset pipeline.
All the required SDKs needed to do so.
Visual Studio 2017.
And 100+ GB of harddrive space to Compile the code .

Enable gems:

Compile the code:

Asuming you are running windows.
Run CMD as admin.
Navigate to your lumberyard DEV directory.
My location is : E:\Amazon 1.23\dev
So in Cmd window

cd Amazon 1.23\dev

Then we Configure your project
So in Cmd window

lmbr_waf configure

Then Build your project.

lmbr_waf build_win_x64_vs2017_profile -p all

This will take some time !.

If all went well you are ready for the fun bit .

Heres the video from 3ds max onwards.

More info

I wiil dig the mic out and do Better tuts if there any interest.


Thx for the tutorial!
But since for tru Indie game devs the 3dmax very expensive to use.
Can you made same example, but with using Blender ?
I tried befor to create clothes for character and got some issues.
clothes had some unsewn seam, and do not collide with character body flawesly

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Thanks for the tutorial! I love seeing the community build video tutorials for eachother.
Iā€™m going to step through this one maybe next week with any feedback / notes. :clap:t4:

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