Video Playback error?

Hi everyone, I’m trying to use the Video Playback component, but when I try to select the video it doesn’t appear in the component. I’m selecting a webm type file with VP8 codec.

Hi having the same issue as @DalmasJunior

managed to install the FFmpeg stuff however i cant install libav it gives me linker error LNK 2019 it seems to work with just FFmpeg

I just cant select a video source the only option i get is an empty window the name Pick


Me too! Same problem here! Video is one of the most important things in a game but Crytek(Cryengine) and now Amazon (Lumberyard) forget that it´s a MAJOR FEATURE FOR ALL GAMES/ENGINES! OMG! It makes me sick they don´t support it correctly!

Hey all — apologies for this issue. We know that this is an important aspect of games and have been actively working to resolve it. I would expect to see this improvement in the upcoming updates. Thank you for your patience :slight_smile:

Hi @DalmasJunior, sorry about the confusion! There is a known issue with the Video Playback component where it won’t see your video files.

Here is an updated AssetProcessorPlatformConfig.ini that should fix the problem.

To install

  1. Exit the Editor and asset processor
  2. Rename your dev/AssetProcessorPlatformConfig.ini to AssetProcessorPlatformConfig.bak
  3. Extract the new AssetProcessorPlatformConfig.ini to your dev folder
  4. Start the Editor