Video Plays in Engine/Profile Build but Shows Black Screen in Release Build

I have a video (VP8 .webm ) that plays fine when I run my level in the editor but shows up as a black screen in a release build. I am not sure what else to provide here, so here is what I have done so far:

  • Verified that the VideoPlaybackGem was a part of my project
  • Verified that the 3rdParty/FFMPEG folder had the FFMPEG stuff
  • Rebuilt the profile/all and release/game and engine builds
  • Reran both the shader and PC .bat files for my game, and confirmed that everything completed successfully
  • Ran the “Export to Engine” thing in the editor
  • Verified that the levels.pak file had been moved over successfully
  • Verified that the .dll files for FFMPEG were also in the executable directory
  • Verified that “+map mapname” is being used in my shortcut to launch (the game itself launches fine)
    I should also add that while the Video Playback component is on a 3D object, the object that actually shows the video is in the UI.

Anyone else have this problem/a workaround? I saw this one for VR, but they were using the editor.


Thank you for taking the time to track down this problem and answer this question. I just tried this on the 1.13 build for Lumberyard and it worked! Hopefully this saves everyone else a lot of hassle.

Hi @Roosevelt.Boyland

This is a cross-post from your question about render targets that is also relevant to this question.

I believe the problem may be that the video playback gem does not find the webm video file in the level .pak - to fix this try placing your .webm file outside the .pak file with the same folder path it had before.

For example if your .webm file is in


and your folder with all the built PAK files is


place the file in