[Video Tutorial] 2020.10 - Script in In-Game Timer in your HUD - UI Editor Part 5/5

Title : Script an In-Game Timer
Episode : 2020.10
Series : UI Editor
Version : BETA 1.23 (uploaded on April 27, 2020 )
Host : @JKingpin

Notes : This is it for our UI Editor Series for now. Next one up will focus working with Audio, importing it, triggering it, and everything in between. See you than! As always please let me know what I can do better, or any topics we should cover in the future.

Key Takeaways:

  • using Script Events to pass information from the UI Canvas & In-Game HUD to other script canvas
  • working with Timer nodes

Prerequisites :
Enable the following gems:

  • UI Basics

Project :
NEMO - to have all these gems already enabled and reference the UI example levels. Download Link

Resources :
:green_book: Docs - UI Editor
:closed_book: Docs - Using Script Events
:blue_book: Book - Game Programming with Amazon Lumberyard 2nd Edition