[Video Tutorial] 2020.13 - Playing & Looping Ambient Audio

Hey devs,

Part 3/6 is up, part 4 will come next Friday.

Title : Loop Ambient Audio using Wwise & Audio Triggers
Episode : 2020.13
Series : Audio & Sound
Version : BETA 1.23.1 (uploaded on 2020-05-29T07:00:00Z )
Host : @JKingpin

Key Takeaways:

  • Triggering ambient audio without Script Canvas
  • Setting audio to loop in Wwise
  • Catching Audio finished event in Script Canvas

Resources :
:green_book: Docs - Adding Audio & Sound Effects

Appreciate any feedback or suggestions. How are you guys using audio in your projects?


GREAT , Thank you Mr @JKingpin but It is Problems…


When we can see Lumberyard Prime (Final version not beta)??

Have none of these been addressed?

No one has been fixed bugs and there are a lot of bugs.

I’ll bump this to the dev teams again, thanks for your patience!

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