[Video Tutorial] Create an Exploding Prop with Script Canvas

Title: Script an Explosive Prop
Series: Red Barrel
Version: BETA 1.21 (uploaded on 2019-10-15T07:00:00Z)
Host: @JKingpin and @LS1

Key Takeaways:

  • import a mesh
  • override the material
  • assign health
  • destroy a prop on damage/collision
  • spawn an explosion effect

Enable the following gems:

  • PhysX
  • PhysX Debug
  • Script Canvas
  • Script Events

Starter Game - to get the barrel mesh and the explosion vfx library.

:green_book: Docs - Scripting In Amazon Lumberyard
:green_book: Docs - PhysX Collider Component

Let me know what you think about the topic, the format, the presentation. Iā€™m always looking to improve for what best serves the Lumberyard dev community. :smiley: