[Video Tutorial] Python Bindings in Lumberyard

Python Bindings for Lumberyard:


Good lesson! But I don’t understand why you need a python when there’s a canvas script. Why replace the script canvas? Is a python really necessary? What are its advantages?

Help me figure it out please!!

I think the idea is to use Python to customise the functionality of the editor. Unreal does the same thing.

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Python is exposed to primarily create tools for the editor and write automation tests. This will be explained in a bit more detail in the next video I’m planning to release on 2020-06-29T07:00:00Z.
Also check out this post:


I also was mislead by the title.
You know, if there was full API listing for lua somewhere, someone would make haxe externs for it (check out Defold externs for example – https://github.com/hxdefold/hxdefold), probably more haxe folks would use Lumberyard.