[Video Tutorial] Script a Player Registration Screen - UI Editor Part 3/5

Title : Create a Player Registration Screen
Series : UI Editor
Version : BETA 1.23 (uploaded on 2020-04-13T07:00:00Z )
Host : @JKingpin

Key Takeaways:

  • working in the UI Editor
  • passing data between 2 different Scripts using Script Events and UI Canvas
  • consolidating all menu functionality into 1 menu manager script

Prerequisites :
Enable the following gems:

  • LYShine
  • LYShineExamples
  • UI Basics

Project :
NEMO - to have all these gems already enabled and reference the UI example levels. Download Link

Resources :
:green_book: Docs - UI Editor
:closed_book: Docs - Using Script Events
:blue_book: Book - Game Programming with Amazon Lumberyard 2nd Edition


On the UI Button > Add/Remove Events image
we don’t have the possibility to add another Events (the On Button Click is the only one present … ).
Thus how do we manage a on Button Pressed (if for example we want to manage a continuous rotation of an objet with the button, when left mouse pressed continously on it) or is that only planed to be added in this list of Events ?