[Video Tutorial] Tutorial Table of Contents

Hey devs, I put together this rough table of contents for all the Lumberyard videos that were published to our channel in 2019 up through today. I’ll make sure to regularly update this every so often when new content comes out.

The goal is to give you a sticky or pin :pushpin: worthy post that you can refer back to for looking up if we’ve got a tutorial on whatever issue you’re running into.

Shout out to @Didier for the inspiration in a comment.
Hope it helps.

Last updated on 2020-09-30T07:00:00Z

World Building :earth_americas::

Python Bindings :snake::

Audio & Sound :loud_sound::

UI :tv::

Working with Physics:

Setting Up Lumberyard :hammer_and_wrench::

Basics of Motion:

Mobile Development :iphone::

Samples & Demos:

Engine Foundations:

Code & Asset Gems :gem::

EMotionFX Animation Editor :walking_man:t4: :walking_woman:t4::

Dev Talks :speaking_head::


Thanks John. Very helpfull :+1:

If you are interested, I reuse it inside a simple mindmap that I created with the free tool Freeplane image , very simple to use and with a copy/paste of your Tutorial Table of Contents.

( for info when we fly over the icon image , we get the list of clikable links to tutos video

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It’s so cool building up a community and seeing how planting a seed can grow into a tall tree like this :clap:t4:

Wonderful and rich content @JKingpin.


Is there any video about how to profile games? The information about profiler function is so few that I can just read the userguid but I don’t know how to profile at all.

Hi @wyc, have you checked out the documentation on profiler at Profiler Tutorial - Lumberyard User Guide

There’s several sections on how to use the profiler in the table of contents on the left side of the web page.

Let us know if this helps. Thanks.

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Yes,I have read it. In fact, I download lumbeyard and install some sdks and then open the default project StartGame. Then I run profiler.exe and select the target(Here is a question: I just can choose editor process. can I run game in anothor process and profiling it individually?). The timeline update data while I move mouse in the editor, but the data is almost empty. And I click the detail button to watch the detail grapic and diag, the data is empty too. So how can I get the profiler data?

Hi @wyc,

There is no mechanism for launching the game as a separate process from the editor at this time. You will need to run the standalone game launcher in order to gather the profiling information you are looking for. Unfortunately, it would indeed appear there is a bug with the display of profile markers in the CPU Timing section of Profiler.exe. However, you should still be able to export the data from the ChromeTracing section by clicking the down arrow button and saving out the CSV file. To view the frame data, open up Chrome and navigate to “about:tracing”, click the “load” button in the top left corner and select the CSV file you saved out from Profiler.exe.

Let me know if this achieves what you are looking for.

Thank you, I get it. But now I find some problems about profiler:

  1. memory detail data can not open. If I click “detail” button, the profiler will crash.
  2. CPU detail data is empty. I can’t capture this data.
  3. My game is running locally without network, so GridMate data is emty?

Apologies for the delay in response, I’ve been taking a deeper look into this.

  1. Memory detail also appears to be bugged unfortunately :frowning:
    There is, however, an alternative you can use to get some info on memory usage. The easiest would be to open up the in-game console by using the tilda (~) key and entering the following command:
    MemStats x
    Where “x” is the frequency in milliseconds you want the on screen display to refresh.

  2. The CPU data section is definitely bugged but as I mentioned in my previous post, the data you get from exporting to Chrome Tracing should be the same.

  3. Correct, the GridMate section will only display information on entities being replicated over the network for multiplayer games.

Very useful command. I note here are some introductions about editor console in userguide. I command “MemState 10” in both editor console and StartGameLauncher’s console, and the result is different. I use “DumpCommandsVars” to see the whole commands, but I don’t know what the diffrence between editor and game. Is there some detail contrast about this?(I cant’t find it in userguid.)