[Video Tutorial] UI Editor & UI Canvas Intro Part 1/5

Title : Build an FPS Target with Amazon Lumberyard UI Editor
Series : UI Editor
Version : BETA 1.23 (uploaded on 2020-03-31T07:00:00Z )
Host : @JKingpin

Key Takeaways:

  • working in the UI Editor
  • learn how to load a UI Canvas Asset Ref
  • adding an image to a UI Canvas

Prerequisites :
Enable the following gems:

  • LYShine
  • LYShineExamples
  • UI Basics

Project :
Samples Project - to have all these gems already enabled and reference the UI example levels.

Resources :
:green_book: Docs - UI Editor
:blue_book: Book - Game Programming with Amazon Lumberyard 2nd Edition

This is part 1 of 5 videos in this series that’ll slowly roll out, unless you guys want them sooner. I always advise checking out the video description, as I sneak links in there from time to time. :shushing_face:

Let me know what you think about the topic, the format (while I’m working from home, #SocialDistancing , the presentation. I’m always looking to improve for what best serves the Lumberyard dev community.


Do you plan in this serie to show us something classic for a UI consisting in starting the game from a save point represented by a button thumbnail that shows the screenshot of this save point?
Several things like how to make a save point with screenshot + data, save it to a file, and finally load it in a dynamically added button in the starting menu could be very helpful.

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That’s hard to do without coding in c++ (or presumably Lua). Script Canvas has basically no way to read and write files or manipulate data (the SaveData gem has no Script Canvas exposure).

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Great to see you on here @Didier welcome.
I replied in the youtube, but want to make sure others see it here. Just as @wcb mentions I don’t have a means to read in / write out through Script Canvas, so would need to get into other means. Wonder what others on here have done or can breakdown how to use the SaveData gem.

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Cool John! I think you’ll be cooking up a new tutorial “aux petits oignons” soon on this subject.

I would highly suggest the script canvas team add some nodes for nteracting with the SaveData gem so that we don’t need to go into Lua or C++ for reading and writing.