Videoplayback Audio Streaming

Previously, video playback did not allow for sound. You had to separate the sound into its own file and trigger it on its own. However, according to the Release Notes for 1.20 that has been changed. Here is a cut and paste from the Release doc,

“Input Streaming Support – You can now stream data from a variety of input sources for playback by the audio system. For example, you can play back the audio stream from a video file.”

Unfortunately, there is no other information that I can find. Does anyone know what that means and how to go about using it or getting more information on its implementation?

For Audio and Video playback to be done in the engine you need to install optional SDKs here FFmpeg or libAV try installing them and check back.

I have successfully installed the FFMpeg SDKs and I am able to run video without issue. I can also run the sound from the video, however in order to do so I need to separate the audio file from the video and trigger it through code, as suggested in the documentation. However, according to the 1.20 Update Notes, as I mentioned in the OP, the ability to stream the audio with the video is supposed to be available, but no other information on how to actually accomplish that is written anywhere. Mahalo for answering though.

Try libAV instead of FFmpeg maybe they forgot to point that this is only a libAV feature however I am not sure but give it a try.

Hi @pFaso, I’ll ask around and see if any of the VideoPlayback gem creators can help here, stay tuned!

I found some documentation on the subject matter, I’ll look into making sure this is made public. There’s a bit of code setup, but I think it may help… You still need to author a sound in Wwise :frowning: , but I think it’s more of a dummy to trigger a start/stop, but from code you can feed it any data (in this case the audio data that part of the video) (4.2 KB)
In the meantime, let me know if this helps!