ViewShakeEx FlowGraph node not working?

After successfully setting up my first person player, I can’t seem to figure out why ViewShakeEx nodes don’t work at all. I tried different entity references and completely different variable settings, all of which didnt help. I entered Debug mode and it seems that it IS FIRING, but it’s not actually doing anything. Any ideas? This flowgraph is taken from my main FG entity that controls the entire player.

Hey @WhatsThatFunction, sorry for the issue — I’m checking
with the team to see if this is a known bug and if there’s a possible work around. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!

Hey @WhatsThatFunction, it looks like you don’t have a camera assigned to the entity.

I tried assigning the entity as the camera entity i have in my player prefab, and it still doesn’t work :frowning:

Hey @WhatsThatFunction,

Sorry for the delayed response — it is a known issue that ViewShakeEX node does not interact with the Camera components perfectly, at this moment. However, we can simulate the shaking effect with random values through Math:Random and attaching the result to the camera’s position.

In this example, I’ve made a simple box mover Flow Graph to get the demo box moving. The demo box is a component entity with the box mesh. For this instance, the demo box is a parent to the camera entity. This was done to get both items to moving in the same direction. I then used math:random for x and y, which makes the camera jitter. Here’s the Flow Graph image and a GIF showing the jittery result:


Hope this is helpful — let us know if this works for you :slight_smile:


I looked into this and noticed that the ViewShakeEx node does work with component entities only if you create the flow graph through right clicking on the component entity and selecting FlowGraph->Add. For the node’s settings, just set the View to Current and set the Shift to something like 3,3,3 and leave the Entity unassigned.

However, there are gotchas with this:

  • Camera:View does not seem to work.
  • Setting the entity on the Camera:ViewShakeEx does not do anything.
  • Important note: In the case of having multiple cameras in the scene, Camera:ViewShakeEx will change the view to the last Camera created.

Let me know if that helps.


Thanks for the info. I’m just gonna wait until the new visual scripting system is up and running as it says in the new popup message in 1.7. I feel the legacy systems just aren’t working well for me, but high hopes for the new systems coming (hopefully) soon.

Right on. It’s looking pretty good.