VisArea in Editor

Is there a way to disable the visArea in the editor? I’d like to be able to disable the visarea in the editor but I cannot seem to do it even when I disable the entity that has it as a component.

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Hi @wcb view:

It may be that within this official documentation some subtopic will help you. Success in your project!

It’s not.

This sounds like it could be a bug… if you take a look in the Deactivate call of EditorVisAreaComponent there might be a clue? I’ll mention it to the Field-Tech team and have a quick look at it next week if I can :+1:

It’d be cool to have a “disable in editor only” check mark as well.

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I had a quick check in EditorVisAreaComponent and it looks like the code in the destructor of the Component should really be in Deactivate…

Annoyingly though it looks like it has to be there from this comment in Activate

// NOTE: We create the vis-area here at activated, but destroy it in the destructor.
// We have to do this, otherwise the vis-area is not saved into the level.
// Unfortunately, at this time we cannot create the vis-areas at game runtime.
// This means that dynamic slices cannot effectively contain vis areas until we fix the core rendering system to allow that.

This is an irritating example of Lumberyard systems trying to integrate nicely with legacy CrySystems (and not quite managing it…).

It should be possible to add a ‘Disable in Editor’ checkbox but I’m not sure what other knock-ons there might be :frowning: I’ll get it added to the backlog, hopefully someone from Field Tech will be able to take a look at it.

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Hi @wcb,

Quick update on this - another member of the Lumberyard team did look into this but unfortunately as this is quite closely coupled to the legacy VisArea system a quick fix doesn’t seem likely, so I’m really sorry you’re going to have to work around this for now.

This is a bit rubbish but something you could do is just temporarily move the Entity with the Component on it. If you never want it to have an affect in the Editor you could first author it, then turn it into a Dynamic Slice and spawn the Component at runtime instead of leaving it in the Editor (I haven’t tested this though I’m afraid).

Sorry not to be more help,

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