Visual Studio 2019 Build Errors

Hello I am facing tons of wierd errors I don’t know why with Visual Studio 2019 I tried to solve them but no avail, I have 2 Visual Studios installed vs2017 and vs2019 I can build with 2017 but 2019 gives alot of warning errors specifically to Qt SDK but its already downloaded in the 3rd party folder, the error list is so large this forum can’t even let me post it because the list is so large.

here is the link to a text error file

Any Help would be appreciated…

Hello guys.

They must’ve missed out adding the “/Wv:18” to avoid making warnings to errors when you compile. Do the following.

  1. Open in Notepad/Notepad++ the “common.msvc.json” file under this path: C:\Amazon\Lumberyard\\dev_WAF_\settings\platforms
  2. Add “/Wv:18” in line 5 like this,


"env": {
        "/nologo",      # Suppress Copyright and version number message
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