Voxels for lumberyard discussion

I’m sure amazon lumberyard has a long-term goal for the future and this type of voxel base engine is not something they are moving towards. but I thought I’d share this video I found on youtube because I see this type of thing as the future of gaming and wanted to get people’s thoughts. Or is it just gimmicky? maybe amazon could just buy that guy’s work lol.

My opinion on this, is that it is definitely cool, but it is not the future because up close most games now a days you see say a leaf slowly blowing in the wind, with this when you get close enough it kind of brings back the quality of old 3d games from the early 2000s. I could see this going somewhere for some artists, but for the most part it just seems like an extreme update to old technology so it can compete with new technology. Like the idea either way games made with this will/would have that special look you cannot get any other way.

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