Waf Build Error After Adding Sky Cloud Gem to Project

Hello there. I recently added the Sky Cloud Gem to my project, because I’d like there to be clouds. However, when attempting to rebuild, I have encountered an error.

After analyzing the error, I found that it says:

Output: StdAfx.cpp d:\amazon\lumberyard\\dev\code\cryengine\renderdll\xrenderd3d\devicemanager\DeviceManager_D3D11_NVAPI.h(19): fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: ‘nvapi.h’: No such file or dir

Now, I’m stuck wondering what exactly this DeviceManager is, and if there’s something that I need to install to fix this.

In the case that I missed something important in the log, here’s the pastebin for the entire error: https://pastebin.com/jjPjPyXd

Ok just replying to say that I ran the build command again and it seems to be working fine now. I suspect that the error had something to do with the Lumberyard Editor processes still being open in the background for just a little bit after I closed it.

Upon even further inspection, the error did arise again when building, except much further during the process (around ~1700 out of ~2500). It seems I just needed to go to the Setup Assistant and set my engine up to Compile the engine and asset pipeline.

I suggest making a small update to the documentation, as the page below explicitly states:

To enable Code & Assets Gems, you must select the Compile the game code option in Lumberyard Setup Assistant. This option is not required for Assets Only gems. For more information, see Running Lumberyard Setup Assistant.

To me, this implies that you must only choose Compile the game code option for any and all Gems, regardless of their content.


this looks like an NVIDIA driver. something to consider.