Water Volume not showing textures


Hello! I’ve been trying to get the water volume competent to work for almost an entire day now but whenever I create a water volume entity, I just get nothing. The box is just a gray box with no water or anything.

I am able to get Rivers and Infinite Ocean to work without any issues and even got the infinite ocean to work with some custom textures but it seems like the water volume entity just isn’t working out for me. Any advice would be greatly appreciated or if anyone is able to find a quick tip video on how to get your water set up, I would be extremely grateful. I really feel like it’s just some weird setting in the material editor but it doesn’t want to work with me

I have tried the water shader and water-volume shader but neither make a difference. Sorry I know this is a total noob question but I just can’t seem to figure this out!

Hey so I figured this out myself. Apparantly the mtl files that I used for oceans and rivers are not good enough for lakes funny enough! All is well now after i found some different MTL files and copied the settings from the default level.