Water volume realtime reflections broken in 1.16

Ported my project over from 1.15 to 1.16 today and water volumes now don’t have any realtime reflections on them anymore!
(I can still get Environment probe reflections to show up, but newly created Watervolume materials are still missing the Environment texture slot as well.)

I even went as far as comparing Watervolume shader files from 1.15 with 1.16 and there is a small change that even if I revert that back to what it is in 1.15 the realtime reflections are bugged out.

The material preview for the water volume also flickers on the sphere.
It used to work so that you could have both the SSReflections + Environment probe reflections on water and now it seems we lost the realtime reflections.
This is in the release notes, which might be the culprit:?
“Entities that are near an entity with the Infinite Ocean
component attached now reflect in the ocean.”

I have the same trouble with him, the reflection of water is very important for my project, please fix it as soon as possible, thank you very much!