Watervolume Different Height

hi i wanna do a lake with a waterfall and a river who follow the maps, when i try the river and the lake don’t follow my point but a plane, how can i do ? i link the immage here :Immage

Hi @PaoloBertoneri

I am sorry to hear you have difficulty to lay river and follow terrain. I would suggest you using “Follow Terrain” tool to force river snap to the terrain that you sculpted.


The same practice when you create a water volume for the lake,

After you done with river or waterVolume, simply apply water volume shader on the entity then you have beautiful river or lake. Hint: there are some really good one in Legacy GameSDK package


I am not quite get " follow the starting point" . If you draw a river on terrain with follow terrain on. River entity should just snap to terrain and end it when you double click on left mouse, you might want to try draw it from top view so you get better overall control.

I do the wrong question, look this image: Image he don’t follow the terrain he follow the starting point how can i follow the terrain

nothing is the same

@PaoloBertoneri - here is documentation that may help.

About Rivers

Rivers are two dimensional objects. Between the starting and ending point, it does not go downwards unless you rotate them. But that does not do much.

The suggestion they have works - you make several rivers following the path down and connect using another object with the waterfall.

It is more for having floating objects, like boats, rather than handle actions like swimming. That is a different programming task.