Way to duplicate project?

I’m looking for a way to start a new project by duplicating a pre-made project and renaming it. so I would not need to build it again. also, im thinking deleting a project is just removing the project folder in the dev dir. is that correct?

Removing the project from the dev dir. is right to delete it. I have never tried to duplicate a project, but have you tried to duplicate the project folder you want to duplicate?

ya duplicating folder and renaming it and going into the .json and .cfg and updating the name seems to work. my goal is to dup a project so i don’t have to build it. takes forever and no matter what i do i get errors. thanks for the feedback.

I know how you feel. :joy: It takes a while to build it, but hopefully some day in a future update they take that time down to around half or so. We can only believe :pensive:. Thank you for reading my post!