We’re constructing additional Pylons


In our community-first focus, we’ve received a TON of feedback on Amazon Lumberyard—from new features/workflows requests to trolly comments about how we need to move faster to give you tools that can help support your creative and innovative game ideas (as always, thank you! Couldn’t have done it w/o you).

As part of the transactions between community and Amazon Lumberyard developers, we’ve also been working on improving the Forums experience for you. With this in mind, we’re putting the forums in read-only mode for some cool upgrades that we believe will help improve the digital environment/experience.

For customers who –literally- just posted a support question, we’ll do our best to answer them while the forums undergoes these changes. [Worry not, your posts will not be lost].

We’re excited to bring this new experience to you and cannot wait for the upgrades to hit 100% on the progress bar! (We hope you are too).

Catch you in the new environment <(^-^ v)~

// Cheers
Amazon Lumberyard Dev Team

Update :bell:

July 30th, 2019

New forums system is live! We hope you like it.

Learn more: [Update] New Lumberyard Forums