Website for Lumberyard tutorials (Updated: Creating Animated Characters in Blender)


I wanted to share a website I created for Lumberyard tutorials:

To start off I have a series of written tutorials covering the Popup gem, raycasting to the cursor to select entities with the mouse, and drag-and-drop sprites to create an inventory system. The written tutorials focus on using Script Canvas where possible.

I’ve also included links to a new series of video tutorials. So far the series covers creating mixed terrains and creating megatextures with postprocessing effects for them (using TerreSculptor and GIMP). The most recent video covers creating dynamic vegetation assets with Landscape Canvas. I plan to continue the video series, moving on to creating assets with Blender, from meshes to animations, and the export import process to Lumberyard.

I hope you find something useful. I’d welcome any comments, corrections or suggestions.


If you are interested in procedural generation or want to see how to make and import LOD and collision meshes into Lumberyard from Blender, I’ve added two new videos to my youtube channel going over the Blender addon Sorcar.


Very cool. Thank you! Bookmarked.

Excited to share this video with you all!

Full Description:

Learn how to rig and animate a character for Amazon Lumberyard. In this tutorial we’ll create a basic character mesh with Blender’s Sorcar addon, add an armature and weight paint the mesh for smooth deformations. We’ll also create a basic walk animation for the character and go over how to export everything to Lumberyard. Finally, we’ll set up character controls and an animation graph and demonstrate root-driven motion with the new character.