Welcome to Strategy Seven

Welcome to Strategy Seven :slightly_smiling_face:

We know that Script Canvas is newly developed and not yet complete but my suggestion is not just a challenge but a great strategy for Amazon & Lumberyard team.

Elsewhere in the world, such as Iran and the Middle East(More than 25 countries), are unaware of the huge potential of LUMBERYARD.

However, recruitment in the Amazon and its representation in Iran seems very remote and at this time seems impossible…

Our thinking in the future is the same as it was in the past and it is being implemented in the present, Or to put it simply: the future is the code that was written in the past and is now executed ( The Book of Secrets of the Universe in a Room / Ahmad Karami )

let’s move on.

Making an open world game with Script Canvas can convince others to use Lumberyard, and there are good reasons to you do optimize and speed up ScriptCanvas/Other Tools and people around the world to migrate in Lumberyard.

I’m glad that Amazon has implemented strategies like the third strategy (in 2016) … now is 2020 :wink:

Sincerely :pray: :rose:
Ahmad Karami
a teacher / writer / test engineer / freelance game maker