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I was working through the quick start reference tutorials. I was on the last step: Game Scripting, when I ran into an issue. I have followed to the tutorial but did not get the desired result. When I walk in to the proximity trigger, the light does not turn on. Nothing happens when I leave the trigger area either. The light is not Active (although I did try with the Active box checked and un-checked just to be sure). Did I miss something to be able to get this to work? Thank you. (Hope I’m posting this in the right place)

Ohhh ok. Got it. Thanks a lot!

I can confirm this, playing around with this for a while now and i cannot get this step to work.

Build 12235

Got It. Apparently the Sphere Controller is not Considered a Player.

Select the ProximityTrigger in the Viewport, and set ->EntityProperties->PlayerOnly:False

So I did a dumb and somehow managed to edit the character_controllers .xml file used in the 3rd quick reference guide tutorial so that it is essentially empty. Is there any way I can get an original copy of that or fix it somehow without reinstalling the Lumberyard?

Nevermind, I dug through my trash and found the original .zip and pulled the file out of there.

Why arn’t you guys making your own assets? what’s amazons cluase policy on assets that represent other ips.

Every time i go to start up lumberyard the asset processor does this


install lumberyard in the C or D drive directly and it will work, I tried installing it in another folder and i got this error.

uhmmm, an update, restarted the computer and code now works fine although i got an error when i loaded the project. Where can i report this bug/whatever happened that made me unable to change the camera before i restarted my computer

talking about, the chapter “Script camera event”, I wasn’t able to toggle the camera although i followed the exact same steps and even did them 3 times. However, after i restarted my computer it worked just fine. Lumberyard pls

Where are the tutorials??? I figured the would be here.

clicking the show more comments removes the reply option from all comments that are not mine. For the guy who asked about the tutorials, they are in the main post of this thread (a link).

Hello everyone, we know the tutorials are easy to miss, so here’s a link to the main tutorials page: https://gamedev.amazon.com/forums/tutorials

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