What about the release of source character assets and the switch to fbx workflow?

Without them the sample is not fully open source as it makes sperimentation hard in a couple of field.

  • add/replacing characters.
  • add/replacing animations.
  • Implement whatever gameplay feature requiring one of the previous.
    There is still hope to get access to them soon or later?

May the project switch to the fbx workflow without issues or fbx format is still lagging behind in some aspect that prevents this change?

I personally had some issues in 1.9 that forced me to disable animation compression in fbx to prevent foot skidding.(not checked 1.10)

Sorry for the troubles @Gamely. This is definitely a good point and as so, have added it to our feedback list for visibility to the teams working on Starter Game. Not sure about gaining access to these assets at the moment, but I’d also love to see this in the future releases as well. As always, thank ya much for this perspective! :smiley: