What do I have to do after a match is over?

Hello, I do not quite understand what I have to do after finishing a match. Do I have to call ProcessEnding and then bring my complete server to the start state or is the instance completely closed?

Currently I terminate the connection to the clients, terminate the PlayerSessions and then call ProcessEnding.

But I get an error message on my fleet that looks like this:

Server process failed to cleanly exit within 30 seconds of calling ProcessEnding()

Hi @BloomBytes

The recommended practice is to:

  1. Call ProcessEnding
  2. Verify the returned status is successful: GameLift Server API (C#) reference: Actions - Amazon GameLift
  3. Terminate the process with a successful exit code, e.g. System.exit(0)
  4. GameLift process manager on the instance will spin up another process for you

Created a request to make this more clear in the docs


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