What does the Engine / editor update cycle look like.

What does the update cycle look like for Lumberyard. I have noticed many requested features, forum posts and whatnot that have stated many requested features are 2+ years old or response is minimal. When making a decision on the core foundation of a product I am concerned that A) The development cycle for Lumberyard is about once a year that consumers will see significant product updates which may include an array of patches / bugfixes, and industry challenging features. B ) Being that it is Amazon the initial response is this is a big product but maybe that is a false impression that is unfair, is the team working on this really small so not likely to see the production value of Unity or Unreal Engine and expectations for that are out of alignment with the product offering?

Sorry these are direct questions but I wanted to put them to rest before pulling the trigger on dedicating a lot of time and resource to Lumberyard with its potential or pulling back the reins and recommitting to Unreal Engine.

Thank you in advance for your reply.