What does this mean?

When I try to launch the legacy sample on lumberyard I get this message:

Engine Error

No shared environment instance provided. Cross-module sharing of EBuses and allocators is not possible. Save level before exiting the editor?

Please help me if you can.

Hi @paattr1ck,

Can you verify the steps you took to switch to the Legacy project and run it?

Also, here are a few troubleshooting steps to try

  • Run the Project Configurator, and verify that Legacy GameSDK project is select. If it isn’t, go ahead and select it then press the “Set as default” button.
  • Wait for the Asset Processor to finish compiling all the assets before you run the editor or GameSDKLauncher.
  • Try running the editor and see if that loads without the same error
  • Try switching projects to the SamplesProject and try running the editor and see if it runs OK.
    Please let me know what happens when you try these suggestions and if any fix the problem for you. If none of these suggestions work for you then you may need to recompile the Legacy project and try running it. Thanks!

The lumberyard version is v1.1.0.0 and the legacy zip folder name is


The steps I did to install it were to download the zip file from the downloads page, move the bin64, code, and the gamesdk into the dev folder in the lumberyard files. Then I went to the project configurator and set gamesdk as default. I let the asset processor do its thing and then I got the error message before the editor could open. I can run the editor fine with the default project just not legacy. Thanks @petrocket

Hi @paattr1ck,

Can you verify that the version of Legacy GameSDK that you downloaded matches the version of Lumberyard you have installed? If they don’t match then Lumberyard won’t be able to load the Legacy GameSDK dlls.

To verify your version of Lumberyard check the Lumberyard_Release_Notes.pdf in the docs folder. If you still have the download for the Legacy GameSDK it has the version of Lumberyard in the title (e.g. lumberyard-1.2-192743-pc-legacysample.zip).

Hi @paattr1ck,

OK, this means that the version of Lumberyard you have is older than the version of the Legacy sample you have and the dlls are not compatible. You can download and install Lumberyard 1.2 (recommended) and install the version of Legacy Game SDK you have into that install folder or download the previous version of Legacy Game Sample from here:


Lastly, you could also compile the Legacy Game SDK project yourself, but this would probably require a lot more effort and time than the other two solutions.