What is difference between "Concurrent processes" and "Game session activation"?

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I’m investigating how the auto-scaling feature in GameLift works and then I got a question. What is exactly difference between “Concurrent processes” and “Game session activation”? From what I understand, “Concurrent processes” means how many dedicated server in Fleet will be activate and just I know “Game session activation” is related to Recycling but I have no idea how GameLift recycles Game session.

Any help is appreciated.

GameSessions don’t “activate” as soon as the instance is done starting, only when CreateGameSession is called. The “activation” settings limit how often activations can be used, which is useful if starting 10+ GameSession on the same instance will cause CPU to spike or if you have creating game session able to be called directly from the client.

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I got it. I have one more question. I think “Game session activation” is good for server. So I can choose “No limit” for the Game session activation but why can I set up limit of the Game session activation per instance. Maybe GameLift will intelligently use it if I choose “No limit”.

That field is ignored if you don’t choose that option

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