What is difference of "Legacy Sample" and "CryEngine GameSDK" ?

well, first i am so sorry for my poor english,

i just want to know What is difference of “Legacy Sample” and “CryEngine GameSDK”? and is there any codes/Script (Lua/C++) has been changed ? i want to see if my knowledge and my experience about CryEngine can be used in Lumberyard,

at least to read my question

Hi @shandy6661

The Legacy Sample is very similar to the GameSDK you are familiar with. The underlying engine has changed , but the game code (c++ and lua) for GameSDK sample should be familiar. One thing that is different is that some of the weather effects, boids and advanced physics have been taken out of GameSDK and made into Gems so if you want to use those in your project you should enable those Gems and re-compile.