What is forcing project builds that in 1.17 did not

Can someone pls verify why I’m having to compile entire project which is going to bring in tons of build requirements just for adding assets in project config, that in 1.17 was ‘not’ forcing those ?

I just want to make sure something isn’t wrong somewhere on my end–or what else it might be.

I’m sorry I wasn’t very detailed there, what I meant tosay was enabling gem assets : The normal camera for 3rd person character,on rotation, moves far too fast and in such a non stable way, that its unusable and its not my hardware as I have no such problems on other engines- go fig

BUt, I"m almost positive that in 1.17, I waS able to add the necessary requirements ( input stuff, camera and framework gems,5 or so altogether) for a ‘camera rig’, without having to compile my project/engine.

Thats the thing, and I can’t use the engine without fixing this first, and I have a lot to test and losing time sadly :slight_smile:

I’m positive in 1.17 I was able to enable those gems without having to compile anything, unless that was a one time gaff by the project config or something.

This entire headache just to stop the camera rotation from going nuts on me ;)0

Any idea ?

Just adding assets should not cause any recompilation. Are you seeing compilation after adding textures? Or after adding new gems with assets?

OK so I reinstalled 1.18, all , weird problems went away- maybe I inadvertently checked a box and forgot- hard to say but anyway, ALL needed gems did not require compiling this time, except render to texture does.

Don’t need that right now but I wonder why LY team went this way , unless they were just trying to lighten the load of initial download.

So camera rotation is still now WAY too fast and unstable, how do I fix that ?

Fwd on :wink: