What is slowing down engine on my device?

Finally I got a little test running in android.

My device is a mt 6752 a53 1.7ghz 2gb of 800mhz ram and a mali 760 mp2 at 700mhz.

At start I have a 150ms in the renderer so I tried to figure out what makes this 150ms.

I opened remote console and disabled

sun,terrain,water,fog,skybox,zprepass set display info to 3

now with black screen and just the fps counter I have 44 ms and from profiler they are almost all in RT_EndFrame 40ms.

From console I cannot disable so much more that I know.I have no cue if it is some minor or major issue to solve, if it is a single bottleneck or a sum of factors.

just as an additional indication from android console it seems that it doesn’t start with multiple render target redering enabled.

Online there is no indication of how the mobile renderer is configured.I just noticed that uses a deferred renderer and fp16 buffers.Before to get lost in the code there is some indications to switch to some kind of very low quality setup where i can just do some light custom rendering?

Something that gives on this device 60fps on black screen and not 20fps or there is no more time to render anything.

ps switching from 720p to 360p got me 60fps and 93 fps in 180p with black screen so it is totally resolution dependent.

Hi @Gamely

We are still hard at work on optimising performance on Android. There is still a lot of work we have to do before it matches the performance of iOS; I don’t have a date when this work will be completed but I will respond to your message when improvements start making their way into our releases.

Please consider something to easely override the complex render pipeline with some hi level api that make possible to reconfigure it interally and that also implements some kind of shader/material replacement rules.

Just a trivial example:

draw directly to the back buffer no additional render targets.

clear buffers.

draw all the illum shader objects in view frustrum front to back with zbuffer with this other custom shader.

pass to them sun direction and color and this cubemap.

disable zbuffer.

render particle systems , but with this custom unlit shader.

swap buffer .

There are many little games that didn’t need way more than this.

I’ve passed this to the ones more knowledgeable than myself to get an answer for you.

Thanks for your comments @Gamely - we rely on feedback from our customers to drive our roadmap and we will certainly be taking yours into account for our planning.

Hope you release a public roadmap in future.

While waiting better news I have discovered another option to disable all hdr render features I will try it soon to see if something can be worked out from there.

That’s one of the top priorities on “MY” roadmap. Getting a roadmap we can share.

Hello @PratikP

Have there been any improvements in performance on android?