What is the AZ:: replacement for ColorF ?

It appears to be AZ::Vector3,4

For example if I reflect a ColorF field all I get is a blank entry in the component.

ec->DataElement(AZ::Edit::UIHandlers::Color, &DataStruct::mColor3, "Color", "");

So with the replacement class the color picker works but now I lose all the utility functions for working with color. Examples: Lumanice and rgb<>srgb

ColorF is also far friendlier work with than AZ::Vector3,4.


colorf.r *= 2.f;


colorv3.SetX(colorv3.GetX() * 2.f);

Will there be an AZ::ColorF with the utility functions restored?

Hi @rjs,

Yup, using the Vector3/4 is not as nice currently. I’ve put in this feedback and requested to get in a replacement for colors quick!