What is the point of gems

what is the point in not having all gems enabled by default? does it make your final game larger or something? every other editor I have used has everything you need out of the box.

The Gems feature really ensures the modularity of the engine - I understand that other engines have everything in it by default, but with Gems, you have the ability to add and remove code & assets as you need them. Being able to remove gems makes your project easier to manage: why have things in your project that you don’t need?
Adding Gems is great for the same reason - when you realize you need something in your project, it’s trivial to turn that feature on if it’s in a gem. You can also create your own gems so your code is more scalable/modular.
It’s all about giving more power & choice to the developer. Gems allow you know what is in your engine, without having a backend flooded with assets that are not being used at all and crowding up your space.


im new to most of this stuff what do you mean by backend?

When @iainsten is saying backend he is saying the “behind the scenes” is flooded with assets, and crowding up you space. hope this helps to clarify :smiley:

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I a simple way, backend is the code runnig, processing things “without you see the heavy work” you will “see” the result.

Try to search to know about it.

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