What is the proper way to import Legacy Keyframe animation from 3ds Max?

Just started to use Lumberyard and I am having trouble finding out how I can import Keyframe Animations from 3dsMax/Maya to the lumberyard. Apart from Skinned mesh for characters, I don’t see an option to add animation component to the imported fbx. Is that the right way or am I doing it wrong?

Hi,you need to open the tutorial of max/maya animation import ,there is a tool called dcc to make the response. I hope it helps you.


Hi @sarveshsvaran,

Thank you for starting out with Lumberyard. In addition to the tutorial that @Jeremy66 mentioned, you can also import root transformations for objects from 3ds. Anything beyond that is done with other more robust methods, such as with skeletons or with Alembic geometry caches.

If you would like to import root transformations, please follow this documentation link.