When is release 1.0 scheduled?

What date is stable release 1.0 scheduled?

Hello @Nja, while we don’t have an announcement to make today regarding timing on Lumberyard coming out of beta, you will be pleased to know that all of our publicly available builds undergo thorough testing and are considered “stable” builds for our supported platforms.We’re happy to announce our first update to Lumberyard today, Lumberyard Beta 1.1! This update includes includes 208 improvements, fixes and features; and is available for download now.

We also are including several workflow improvements in this update along with introducing mobile support and extending the functionality of Twitch Chatplay. @Chef_JC goes into more detail on our blog.

As always, our vibrant community of Lumberyard experts and officials is here to help out should you need assistance. We hope you will give this build a try and let us know your thoughts.