When will the 3dsMax & Maya plugins be updated?

During Lumberyard 1.26 installation or using the Setup assistant, there are options to install Lumberyard plugins for 3dsMax and Maya.

The latest versions offered is 2016 for 3dsMax and 2017 for Maya. The current release is 2021 for 3dsMax and 2020 for Maya.
There’s no option to manually add a version of 3dsMax or Maya in the setup, so it’s not even possible to install the plugins to any other version.

Why have the Lumberyard plugins not been updated inline with the 3d app releases?

Are the Lumberyard plugins going to be updated for current releases?


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To add, I do actually have Maya 2017 installed, for historic scene files, however it is not installed to the default C:\Program Files location, but to another hard drive.
Therefore, the Lumberyard setup assistant will not locate the installation.
As there is no ‘Browse’ button for the Maya install path, I can’t point this to the correct location either.


Hey @Oranje3,

We will not be updating the plugins as they were only used to generate legacy asset formats that we are no longer supporting prior to us adding FBX support. We have been encouraging our users to export out their 3D asset content out in FBX. Let us know if that helps!