Where are the Lumberyard /Cryengine talents?


I’m trying to assemble an indie team to develop a prototype on Lumberyard. And I’m saying just a Prototype, just a gameplay validation before develop the complete project.

From that you need talents, on UE4 or Unity, you have a lots of unexperienced people that want to join you. On Cryengine/Lumberyard, there is a complete lack of community. How Amazon want us to develop on their engine? We have been reviewing Amazon Lumberyard since the day one, because there are some brilliant ideas behind it, specially leveraging the Twitch audience. And we didnt manage to find just one person to work with us on Lumberyard.

How is this sustainable Amazon? Indies can not compete agains a massive budget of Star Citizen or Amazon Game Studios that are swallowing all the specific talents. The business model of Lumberyard is clear, the strategy is clear : bring games to Amazon AWS, generate additional dominance with Twitch. For being succesful you need a talent pool or at least a community learning and working together. Instead all the talents are captured with big checks, leaving the community empty from value creators.

Sorry for the rant! But would love to listen the community position.

Hi @Humml, sorry for the delayed (really delayed) response to this. Our main objective with Lumberyard is creating a tool set that enables developers of all skill levels and proficiency levels to succeed.

To do that, we are systematically updating and replacing components of the Lumberyard engine and tools to made development with Lumberyard easier. We are also driving forward with a plan to create more engaging tutorials that cover more content as well as updated documentation, with more useful examples included within. Our hope is that this community will grow and do exactly as you suggest, help and support one another, and we are already starting to see that happen.

We have a lot of additional plans I am working on that I cannot really get too detailed on at this point in time, but they involve a more rapid information and content release schedule and live tutorials, walkthroughs and chats with developers across the team.

Keep an eye peeled for more info soon.