Where do I download the macOS preview

I’d like to download and install the macOS preview but it’s not clear how and where to do that. Will the macOS version ever be on the same release cycle as the Windows ?

Hey @mwallace – my extensive apologies for the delayed response to this thread. I’ve reached out to the teams to see if we have something for this topic. Stay tuned and again, sorry for the delays :frowning:

Bump …

From Sept 2017 …
“Our vision has always been to provide a complete, cross-platform experience, so we are also providing the tools necessary for developing Lumberyard games on macOS. This includes the Lumberyard editor and all its associated tools, the asset processor, the shader compiler and, of course, the renderer. Mac support has been a popular request from our customers, especially the ones building iOS games, and we’re excited to give you a first look in the coming months.”

So here we are in Feb (almost march) of 2019.

Can we get an “official update” on the macOS client / engine. If you need classrooms full of game dev students to beta. Reach out, I’ve got them.